Main Items

Industrial Materials

The Industrial Materials Department handles a wide variety of fiber materials, from raw materials to finished products, required in the fields that support everyday life as well as infrastructure for fisheries, agriculture, logistics, building, etc.

Functional Materials

The Functional Materials Department works across a wide range of fields such as packaging materials, hygiene products, beauty products, industrial materials, etc. We also handle a wide variety of products for commercial and domestic use.

Engineered Fabric & Consumer Goods

The Consumer Goods Department works in various fields that touch on people's everyday lives. We handle a large range of materials such as car seat, innerwear fabrics and secondary materials for vehicles, as well as fabrics primarily for round braid and knitting.

Fiber & Materials

The Fiber Materials Department handles a large range of fibers and materials primarily in the fields of hygiene materials, beauty, medical care, and industrial materials.

Living Products

The Housing Materials Department handles a large variety of products, from textiles and materials in daily life to rugs, carpets, bedding, etc. used in daily life spaces. We also handle pet goods such as beds and carry bags.

Textile Products

The Textile Department handles a wide variety of textile products used in various fields, including kite and sailcloth for marine sports, and fabrics for “Thobe,” traditional garment. We also provide sub-materials for clothing, such as linings and paddings.


Hide & Leather Department trades raw hides and leather-related products used in the leather industry.


The uniform department handles all types of uniforms, including office uniforms, medical wears, work wears, school uniforms and service uniforms. We offer a wide range of uniform-related services, from the development of fabrics to the planning, design, manufacturing, and sales of products.